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The Rice Purity Test is a set of one hundred"Perhaps you have questions" that investigates your purity. By way of instance, have you ever kissed someone below the belt? Masturbated? Showered with a part of their preferred sex, or some part of their preferred sex?

The Rice Purity Test originated from Rice college, which is why it's called -- the Rice Purity Test. The goal of this evaluation was to assist new pupils bond throughout the college's orientation. Now, this test is a fun test that can be obtained by anyone as a measure of one's degree of innocence'.

The 100 question poll covers everything that people could have completed on a sensual aspect. Not only that, it asks you in the event you've been on the wrong aspect of the law. Think it's silly to perform a test involving purity? Well, why not? It is fun, and it can tell a lot about yourself that you may not have seen in a close outlook.

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Why is it called the Rice Purity Test?

It might provide insight or a glimpse of the way you've matured via your adventures during your college life. As stated before, the good, discerning pupils at Rice University made up and accumulated a hundred queries to see exactly how"pure" a person is based on these queries.

It is a searchable listing of Do's and Don'ts (based on your preference) that you are able to mark off via the box checklist on the left-side.

  • You tick the boxes off as you go down the poll.
  • If not, then move on to another query.
  • Once you finish the questionnaire, then click on"Calculate My score!" And the outcome will be shown.
  • If you want to start over or have someone perform the Rice Purity Test then click "Clear Checkboxes."

The rule is that the higher your score is, the purer you're. The lower your score, the kinkier and more promiscuous you are.

The Purity Test Questions

To compute your score, then you start off using 100, which is the maximum score of entitlement.

For each item which you have done, you eliminate some point.

So, if you reply yes, to questions, your rice purity test score is 40.

1. Have you held hands romantically?

2. Perhaps you have been to a date?

3. Perhaps you have been in a relationship?

4. Have you ever enjoyed without leaving room for Jesus?

5. Have you ever kissed a relative penis?

6. Have you ever uttered a non-family member on the lips?

7. Have you ever French kissed?

8. Have you ever French kissed in people?

9. Have you ever discovered on the neck?

10. Maybe you have kissed horizontally?